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The POTG is a very important part of a match in Overwatch. I honestly don't know where you folks are playing in which Bastion and Torbjorn get PotG consistently, (Players vs AI?) but for me those 2 heroes don't get PotG any more often than other non-Support heroes, excluding the aforementioned Reaper, Junkrat, and Hanzo.

Overwatch "Play of the Game" Parodies are spoof videos mimicking the "Play of the Game" 1 sequence displayed at the end of games in the multiplayer first-person shooter video game Overwatch , which showcase an impressive feat performed a single player during the match.

Additionally, Kaplan said scores are weighted more heavily if the action's taking place near an important match objective, like a base or capture point. Blizzard is currently working on an overhauled Play of the Game system, the developer confirmed to Kotaku back in 2016.

On May 26th, YouTuber Stepper uploaded a clip of the hero character Lucio's "Play of the Game" opening sequence followed by a clip of a young boy dancing with a dog (shown below, right). March 22, 2016 (beta) Patch: Added categories for Play of the Game. In full, Blizzard does not wish to patent the end-of-game play, but rather patent the way in which their POTGs are chosen in each category, respectfully.

You can either record the last 30 seconds of gameplay to capture an amazing moment immediately after it happens, or you can start and stop a recording manually, which is useful if you're recording from the in-game "highlights" menu. More importantly, there's now a "recently captured" section of the Highlights theater that will collect clips you've manually recorded.

In fact, the game will reset all highlights that have been compiled once the player logs out, but we have some ways you can capture that footage so you can show the world your sick Overwatch skills. This Play of the Game is celebrating a player named Calundrus, who had a particularly amazing moment as the character Tracer.

September 13, 2016 Patch: Players should now see fewer Plays of the Game featuring Mercy's Resurrect ability. On May 11th, 2016, YouTuber CompletelyGarbage posted a video titled "After an Overwatch Match," featuring a Spongebob Squarepants clip edited with the Overwatch characters Baston and Torbjörn arguing over the "Play of the Game" (shown below, left).

Anyway, Blizzard's Play of the Game feature has undergone a fair bit of tweaking since the early days of the first beta, although you don't have to play too many games to see some pretty broken examples slipping through the net regardless. The player who has the highest score in any one of these four categories at the end of the match will receive the Play of the Game.

Mercy PotG's happen a lot at the highest level of play because teams are 100% co-ordinated. I've noticed that sometimes, a highlight video or the Play of the Game has the text "Lifesaver" appended during the intro, usually below the hero's waist. Chris is part of Eurogamer's video Hammond team.

The Play of the Game will sometimes focus on the wrong character by accident. As the months wear on, Kaplan and company have updated and reworked Play of the Game multiple times. With fans questioning why certain characters seemed to be favoured over others, game director Jeff Kaplan published the top three PotG Heroes in both Quick Play and Competitive mode.

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